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2013 CFA® Level I Budget Package

We have introduced 2013 CFA Level I budget package which is priced at $100 only. This package includes video lectures and slides from 2011 CFA Level I and those videos from 2013 Level I which have changed since 2011. Please note that 2011 videos cover core concepts only with less focus on curriculum examples and applications. You can access the free 2011 videos HERE. Following are the differences between the 2011 and 2013 curriculum:

1. Ethics and Quantitative Method are essentially unchanged.
2. Economics has changed completely.
3. FRA: Minor changes.  You can start studying from the 2011 material but make sure you eventually do questions from the 2013 curriculum.
4. Corporate Finance: Financial Statement Analysis has been dropped. Rest is the same.
5. Portfolio Management, and Equity are essentially unchanged.
6. Fixed Income: Credit Analysis has been added.
7. Derivatives: Unchanged.
8. Alternative Investments:  It has changed. 

For only $100 we offer we budget package which includes the 2011 videos/slides and the following material from 2013:

1. Economics – Entire Topic
2. Fixed Income – Credit Analysis
3. Alternative  Investments
4. 2011 downloadable videos along with the lecture slides.

You can also purchase 2011 videos and lecture slides ONLY at the price for $30.  Finally, we  also have the option of purchasing the entire 2013 package for $190.  These videos cover the core concepts as well as several examples from the 2013 CFA Level I Curriculum.

Budget Package


  • By purchasing the 2013 CFA Level I – Budget Package, you get access to:
    1. 2011 Video lectures
    2. 2013 Economics- Entire Topic
    3. 2013 Fixed Income – Credit analysis
    4. 2013 Alternative  Investments
    5. Lecture slides

2011 Video Lectures


  • You can purchase 2011 videos and lecture slides by clicking Buy Now. As part of this package, you will get access to:
    1. 2011 Video lectures
    2. Lecture Slides